Cooperation for Development of Cross Border Business Environment Enhanced



929.745,82 EUR



The 2CODE project main objective is to contribute to enhancement of business institutions infrastructure and upgrading services to support development of business environment in the cross-border area. In the framework of the project, two (2) new IT clusters will be established – one (1) in Nikšić (ME) and one (1) in Tuzla (BA) while the capacities of the existing IT cluster in Mostar will be improved. Apart from that, a network of cooperation among four (4) existing CODE Hubs in Zadar (HR), Mostar (BA), Tuzla (BA) and Nikšić (ME) will be formally established with the aim of enhancing competitiveness of the target area. Capacities of the existing CODE Hubs will also be upgraded through purchasing of new equipment and developing new services. Also, one (1) UX Lab in Zadar (HR) will be established and equipped. The total value of equippment to be purchased is approximately 178.500,00 EUR. This project represents continuation of successful project CODE from 1st Call for Proposals.


The Lead partner, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Tehnopolis (ME), as a business support organization, will implement set of activities which will lead to the improvement of business environment, especially in IT sector and innovative startup ecosystem at local and regional level. Through the establishment of the IT cluster in Nikšić, organization of various trainings and hackathon as well as visit to international Web Summit, IT sector in Montenegro will be strengthened and preconditions for cross-border cooperation among key stakeholders will be created. Coworking concept will be promoted among target groups in Montenegro  through implementation of activities related to improvement of existing coworking space Code Hub Nikšić and activities related to establishment of Code Hubs network, organization of regional coworking conference and different promotional events as well as development of new services for digital nomads. Business environment will be improved through FabLab and regional mentors network as well. Having relevant experience in project management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Tehnopolis will be responsible for overall coordination of project activities, intra-partnership communication and risk management.

Project partner 2, Foundation for innovation and technology development (INTERA) (BA), as an organization with years long experience in supporting business development, will implement set of activities aimed for improvement of business environment, especially in IT sector and innovative startup ecosystem. INTERA will contribute to the improvement of IT cluster in Mostar through implementation of previously developed strategy, study trip and various trainings. Existing coworking space Code Hub Mostar will be strengthened through trainings, regional conference, promotional events, purchase of new equipment and development of services aimed for digital nomads as new beneficiaries. SMEs and innovative startups will be supported through access to cross-border mentors network platform and newly established FabLab in Mostar. Considering its strong internal marketing and PR capacities, INTERA will be responsible for activities within WP Communication, coordinating activities related to project visibility and dissemination.

Project partner 3, City of Zadar (HR), focused on ensuring conditions for continuous economic and social growth of the city by promoting good management, entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation, will contribute to development of the business environment through organization of hackathon and international tech conference, participation in regional mentors network and international events such as cross-border hackathon and Web Summit.

Project partner 4, Public Company “BIT Centar” Ltd. in Tuzla (BA), established in order to support and develop ICT SMEs, will contribute to the improvement of business environment at both local and regional level. Through project, the strategy of IT cluster in Tuzla will be developed and cluster members will improve capacities by participating in various trainings and promotional events as well as on Web Summit. BIT Centar will strengthen the capacities of existing coworking space Code Hub Tuzla and its beneficiaries through development of new service package for digital nomads, participation on regional conferences and hackathons, promotional events and trainings. Newly established FabLab and regional mentors network will be tools for additional support for development of SMEs.

Project partner 5, University of Zadar (HR), as a research-oriented educational institution that connects scientific research and projects, artistic creativity, study and teaching, will contribute to the achievement of project results through the exchange of scientific experience within the partnership. By organization of various trainings and promotional events, continuous enhancement of existing coworking space Code Hub Zadar through development of new services aimed to digital nomads and participation on regional coworking conferences as well as equipping UX Lab, target groups will gain the opportunity to develop new and improve existing skills and capacities.


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