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The Adriatic is recognized as one of the main tourism regions in Europe. Tourism is also one of the main pillars of economic development in these regions, especially during the summer season when a majority of tourists visit the Adriatic coastline. However, Adriatic Hinterland, which is full of potentials for development of a different tourism offer is still not fully integrated into the tourist offer. This especially concerns local communities located far from the coastline, with vast potential to develop alternative tourism types. Analysis of tourism trends points out to this conclusion as well, whereas the tourism market demands for more active tourism offer rather than spending time at the beach. To that end, locations targeted by the Adriatic Canyoning project – Peć mlini and Borak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zrmanja and Čikola in Croatia and Orjen and Vrbanj in Montenegro – will serve as a model for developing Adriatic Hinterland’s outdoor destinations. The main objective of the project is to integrate these locations into the outdoor tourism offer of the Adriatic Hinterland and link them to existing cultural and historical heritage sites. Besides introducing quality standards and setting up a joint model of sustainable management for sites in the hinterland, the project will invest in mountain trails, walking bridges, zip lines, rock climbing areas, cycling trails and similar infrastructure, making them new destinations for adventurous tourists.


The lead partner, City of Široki Brijeg (BA), will coordinate project activities with the partnership and, more specifically, renovate and arrange the “Sajmište” park, construct the zip line platform, a rock climbing polygon and several trails in the Borak Canyon. The partner will also promote the project by organising a Herzegovina Adventure Week.

Municipality of Grude (BA) will bring new tourism facilities in the Peć Mlini site by investing in a zip line platform and walking trails. A prehistoric site Ravlića cave will be lighted and equipped with a rock climbing area.

City of Obrovac (CRO) will target specific tourists wishing a more active vacation and integrate the municipality into the overall tourism offer with newly reconstructed walking trails in the Obrovac area.

City of Drniš (CRO) will contribute to the development of a cross-border model for better management and sustainable utilization of natural heritage by constructing walking and bike trails in the Pokrovnik area and Pakovo selo, where the Centre for competences in Rural Tourism will be set up. The partner will organise a promotional event Čikola Adventure Week in Drniš as well.

Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi d.o.o. (MNE) is in charge of setting up the Adventure Park Vrbanj in Montenegro, making it the fifth location specialized for adventure activities developed within the project.

Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (CRO) will provide support in promotion of the project, making sure the activities reach new target groups, tourists and other visitors of the Adriatic Hinterland. The partner will organise tours of sites that will be developed within the project, produce promotional movies and organise events.


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