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Cultural route of Becharac & Ganga

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Just like other cultural routes of Europe, promotion of cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development by discovering the rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage and history of the cross border region of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a starting point for Pleternica and Tomislavgrad to set up an innovative project idea dealing with regional folk songs that are even protected by UNESCO – Bećarac and Ganga. This theme is associated with the unique pattern of folklore and constitute not only a rich cultural heritage but also an immaterial reminder of the behavior (including culinary activities, craftwork etc.) of the “Bećarac and Ganga society” that was popular throughout the history of these communities. The cultural route is aiming to make this cultural heritage more accessible to citizens and wider public by promoting a dynamic image of this heritage, which includes construction of new city squares of Bećarac and Ganga (with new museum buildings) and developing new cross-border touristic products.


The lead partner, City of Pleternica (CRO), will put up a permanent exhibition in the Museum of Becharac in Pleternica. The partner will also invest in the construction of a Square of Becharac to promote the cultural heritage of bećarac in a unique way and attract new visitors.

Municipality of Tomislavgrad (BA) will monitor the activities related to education of SMEs and family farms on managing tourism activities. The partner will also invest in the Square of Ganga, to symbolize the value of ganga in the region.

Tourist Board of City of Pleternica (CRO) will work on organising cross-border manifestations dedicated to the region’s cultural heritage. The partner will also set up a tourism office at the new Square of Becharac.

Entrepreneurial Centre Pleternica Ltd. (CRO) will assist the organization of round tables with target groups.  The partner will play a major role in the establishment of farmers co-operative, as one of the activity in the project.

Cultural-Information Center Tomislavgrad (BA) will establish a tourist office on the new Square of Ganga, with the aim of becoming an info point for new visitors and to promote ganga’s cultural importance.


See Becharac & Ganga’s travel documentary “Cultural route of Becharac & Ganga”, which won the best documentary film award at the Global India International Film Festival 2019. The documentary is about the local heritage of Pleternica and Tomislavgrad and told through the eyes of London-based YouTuber Julian McDonnell:

Englishman in Pleternica? Not a song by Sting, but Becharac & Ganga’s way of promoting Slavonia’s cultural heritage. Julian McDonnel, a famous actor and presenter from London, promoted project activities.

Mr. McDonnel also promoted the Tomislavgrad region, its cultural tradition and gastronomy.

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Project partners can be contacted via their Facebook website:

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