Enhancement of competitiveness of transnational business competence centers and networks



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The main objective of project centrikomNET is to strengthen business support organizations in Zenica-Doboj canton (BA), Vukovar-Srijem county (HR) and Podgorica (ME) territory by applying innovative models and approaches in enhancement of competitiveness of local SMEs and unemployed. The main focus of the project is to use knowledge and resources of the scientific institutions wherever it is possible in order to improve competences of unemployed and companies. The gap between the labour market and formal education is to be overcome by boosting quality of human resources needed by SMEs, enhancing institutional infrastructure and services of business service providers, training of workforce and access to new technologies.


The Lead Partner Municipality of Stari Jankovci (HR), provides technical assistance for SMEs and unemployed working in the field of fruit processing. Moreover, as a part of instutional support to Business Competence Center that is also established through previous project  an demonstration-educative field in the area of agriculture is to be arranged and equiped.

Project partner 2  Municipality of Tovarnik (HR), provides technical assistance for SMEs and unemployed working in the field of vegetable processing and plant protection. In addition, necessary thematic equipment for Business Competence Center will be procured in order to conduct practical trainings and workshops.

Project partner 3 Development Agency Žepče Ltd. (BA), as an recognized business service provider is in charge of ensuring better operating conditions for SMEs operating in the areas such as wood processing and fruit production. Furthermore, project enables unemployed to develop their skills and capacities through training and practical mentoring programs. Finally, demonstration–education field that is to be established and equipped shall provide project beneficiaries with practical training on all the activities of growing different types of fruit crops.

Project partner 4 Montenegrin Employers Federation Podgorica (ME), acting as a business support organization provides tailored technical assistance to SMEs and unemployed primary in the area of tourism: market diversification and destination management, customer relationship,  brand development, rural tourism, human resources management.

Project partner 5 Competence Centre Ltd. For Research and Development (HR) enhances innovation potential of the economy of Vukovar-Srijem County by supporting already established clusters. As an business support operator this Center is institutionally supported through procurement of necessary IT equipment needed for professional development of SMEs and unemployed.


centrikomNET project presented updated webpage

The main goal of the redesign of the website is to provide relevant information about challenges of low competitiveness and generally unfavorable business environment, lack of skilled workforce, relevant competences

Kick off conference of project centrikomNET

On 22 April 2021, online kick-off conference was held within the project Enhancement of competitiveness of transnational business competence centers and networks – centrikomNET, organized by the Lead Partner –

Project partners can be contacted via project website: https://centrikom.org/

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