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A disease of chestnut forests, called chestnutt wall gasps, has emerged relatively recently in Croatia, after its occurrence in Bosnia and Herzegovina two years ago. It is a rapidly expanding disease that causes decrease of yield and low spreading of chestnuts. In some cases, it even leads to extinction of chestnuts. A belt of chestnut forests is located in the cross-border area so joint activities of Chestnut project focus on preventing further damage. The main objective of the project is to increase protection of chestnut forests in Croatia’s and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cross-border area. The project will provide new insights in researching the disease in order to prevent similar damages in other areas, by developing a Plan of protecting damaged chestnut trees, planting permanent crops of chestnuts on several sites and revitalizing an alley of chestnuts in Karlovac.


The lead partner, Municipality of Velika Kladuša (BA), will specifically work on organising conferences and round tables, developing a GIS database, planting permanent crops of chestnuts and educating target groups.

With extensive experience in agricultural research, the Agricultural Institute of Una-Sana Canton (BA) will focus on analysis, research and protection of chestnuts stands.

Municipality of Bužim (BA) will plant permanent crops in the municipality’s area and organise the Kestenijada event to promote project activities.

Municipality of Vojnić (CRO) will work on soil analysis and educate farmers, growers and other interested citizens on topics such as chestnut deforestation, cultivation and protection.

Centre for plum and chestnut (CRO) is in charge of collecting data on chestnuts woods, which will then be included in the project database and used for awareness raising.

The Old town of the City of Karlovac (CRO) has been a habitat of chestnut trees for a long time, but due to the disease researched in the project became seriously damaged. The partner will revitalize a tree alley and plant new chestnut trees in Karlovac’s Draškovićeva street, thus stopping the disease from spreading.


Chestnut brochure:

Chestnut honey days in Vojnić, Croatia during May 2018:

On-field education about chestnut seedlings and pests attacking chestnuts, attended by farmers, beekeepers and associations from Vojnić, Velika Kladuša and Bužim:

Experimental planting of sweet chestnut plants in Vojnić:

Tree alley in Draškovićeva street, Karlovac revitalized with chestnut trees. Photo by:

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