Cooperation for Development of Cross Border Business Environment

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In terms of economic performance, the Programme area is lagging behind the EU standard. The project partners have recognized this in the lacking support of SME supporting services towards SMEs’ needs. Business support institutions do not offer adequate assistance to innovative entrepreneurs, particularly those in the pre-incubation stage and start-ups. SMEs in cross border area lack clustering possibilities and access to regional and international markets and there is a small number of local IT companies. The CODE partnership seeks to strengthen the business infrastructure, services to support innovations and cluster activities and improve the start-up environment in the cross-border area. Within the project, business support institutions will be encouraged to increase their impact on the cross-border’s business environment. The CODE project intends to enable local business support institutions to build their collaboration and create mentorship and coaching programmes which will help start-ups to develop their projects.  The project will result in new forms of cooperation between research, educational, business support institutions and SMEs and new coworking spaces.


The lead partner, City of Zadar (CRO), will research preconditions for development of IT clusters in Zadar, work on setting up the IT Business Support Network and organizing training for stakeholders on how to further develop the project area’s business environment.

Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (CRO) will use its existing network to involve local stakeholders and SMEs. It will develop communication channels in the local area and contribute to nation-wide project promotion. The partner will set up a coworking space in Zadar for entrepreneurs starting their businesses.

Foundation for Innovation and Technology Development (BA) has the most important role in activities related to building cooperation between research, educational, and business support institutions and SMEs in order to develop ICT. The partner will set up a coworking space as well.

Public Company “Business innovation and technology” Ltd. Tuzla (BA) will use its knowledge on innovation structures and business incubators, networking, seed capital investments and take an active role in developing mentorship programmes and organising events on promoting entrepreneurship. The partner will set up a coworking space in Tuzla.

Innovation and entrepreurship center TEHNOPOLIS (MNE) will provide better conditions for SMEs, start-ups, and spin offs in the Montenegrin part of the project area. A coworking space will be set up in Nikšić.


Project partners can be contacted via project website:

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