Enhancing competitiveness of olive production in the program area through cross border cooperation



€ 884.677,75



The project COOPeR aims to establish a cross-border Centre for Olives dedicated to collaborative research and development in the field of olive growing and olive oil production. The main services offered by the centre include a wide range of laboratory and diagnostic tests and procedures (e.g. identifying and treating olive tree pests and diseases and conducting chemical analyses of olive oils), targeted training programs, and knowledge exchange among different participants in the olive value chain. By developing a cross-border network of olive stakeholders, the partnership aims to spark dialogue, inspire actions and address specific needs of the sector. The main target groups are local, regional and national authorities, higher education and research institutions, sectoral agencies, SMEs, and business support organisations.


The Lead partner, City of Mostar (BA), is responsible for the overall management and implementation of the project. Besides the activities associated with the Lead partner role, City of Mostar coordinates the establishment of a new centre for olives and facilitates networking of olive industry stakeholders. In addition, LP is committed to set up a pilot olive orchard in Mostar for new olive varieties suited to local conditions.

Croatian Chamber of Economy (HR) coordinates the mapping of olive stakeholders in Croatia and delivers the final report on mapping. Thanks to its sector experience, Croatian Chamber of Economy supports the establishment of cross-border business network and coordinates targeted communication activities.

Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation (HR) coordinates capacity building activities and provides technical input and expertise required for setting up a pilot olive orchard in Mostar. Moreover, this project partner supports the mapping of olive stakeholders in Croatian part of the project area.

Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) coordinates the mapping of olive stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina and supports the partnership in identifying tools and methods for undisturbed functioning of cross-border business network. In addition, this project partner is responsible for organizing a joint closing event in Mostar.

Olive Growers Association “Boka”(ME) is responsible for developing and maintaining cross-border database of olive stakeholders. The Association „Boka“ defines a joint methodology of data collection and coordinates the mapping of olive stakeholders in Montenegro. Furthermore, this project partner is responsible for organizing one round table with representatives from governmental structures dedicated to exchange of knowledge in the olive sector.


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