Development of Cross-Border Cooperation Network of Creative Industries



595.214,00 EUR



Project main objective is to develop and promote creative industries, which are not based on material resources, but on human resources, knowledge, specific skills and intangible products. In the framework of the project three (3) Creative Centers are established and equipped in Prijedor (BA), Sisak (HR) and Podgorica (ME) with the aim of providing access to know-how, targeted services, new technologies (3D printing, CNC prototyping etc.) and best practice methodologies to all the stakeholders relevant for development of creative industries in the target area. The three (3) Creative Centers are the main pillars for establishment of the CREATIVE@CBC Network that will facilitate cooperation among the above-mentioned creative industry stakeholders. Two (2) premises are renovated – one (1) in Prijedor (BA) and one (1) in Podgorica (ME) – in order to enable establishment of Creative Centers in those two cities.


Lead Partner, Agency for economic development of City of Prijedor „PREDA-PD” (BA), is responsible for management and coordination of the activities of the project. Furthermore, it is responsible for development of physical capacities of Creative HUBs in Prijedor, Sisak and Podgorica. It is also in charge of developing services available to local and regional creative industries and SMEs engaged in traditional sectors of economy, such as various types of industrial manufacturing and processing, tourism, crafts, etc.

Project Partner 2, Sisak-Moslavina County Development Agency SI-MO-RA LTD. (HR), is in charge of the activities related to transfer of know-how and raising regional competences in innovation development. With planned activities, new technologies in relation to gaming, multimedia, design, engineering, etc. are being addressed, together with upgrading the current level of their application in traditional industries and businesses, culture and public sector.

Project Partner 3, Association for Democratic Prosperity – ZID (ME), is in charge of communication activities with the objective to attract organizations and individuals already engaged or interested in creative industry and traditional sectors. One of the main activities is promotion of the new business models aimed at close cooperation of creative and traditional industry, application of new technologies, digitalization and ICT.


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