EnhanCing Sustainable ToUrism Development througH Culinary HeritAge



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The main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of tourism through strengthening and preservation of the common culinary heritage within programme area. Food is a cultural domain within the intangible cultural heritage that has yet to become officially recognized. Traditional ways of producing and consuming food in the cross-border area are at risk of extinction due to the growing globalization and internationalization of the food market. As a response, the CUHaCHa project develops a new tourist offer based on the creation and promotion of common culinary heritage trails. Through specialized trainings, networking (interactive culinary platform) and promoting a new tourist offer (3 new culinary heritage exhibition spaces and 4 culinary exhibitions), all relevant target groups will learn how to use the potential of gastronomic tourism.


The Lead partner, Zadar County Rural Development Agency (HR), provides technical assistance in relation to exploration and research of the culinary heritage in the region of Zadar. In addition, Lead partner is responsible the establishment of the Culinary heritage showroom including adaptation works and provision of thematic equipment.

Project partner 2, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (BA) ensures conditions for further development of the touristic offer in the area. Arranging of the traditional cuisine to promote the culinary heritage of the area is envisaged, as well through adaptation works and supply of thematic equipment.

Project partner 3, Tivat Municipality (ME), implements activities related to the valorisation and promotion of gastronomic heritage, by organizing specialized trainings, networking and promotion of new tourist products that will be produced within the project. One of these products are “culinary heritage trails” – trails of gastronomic heritage. Adaptation works will provide necessary conditions for the establishment of culinary heritage showroom, which will serve students for practical exercise and teaching.

Project partner 4 Zadar County (HR) provides necessary institutional support for project implementation including organization of meetings, seminars, trainings and conferences. The partner is responsible for promotional and communication activities as well.


Research of culinary heritage within CUHaCHA project

As a part of project activities an extensive research of crossborder culinary heritage has been done within project CUHaCHA. Trying to enhance sustainable tourism development through culinary heritage project partners

Kick off conference of project CUHaCHA

On 5 November 2020 Zadar County organized Kick off conference of project CUHaCHA – „EnhanCing Sustainable ToUrism Development througH Culinary HeritAge“. Research of culinary heritage, recipes and old methods of

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