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The main goal of the project Exchange is to strengthen and diversify the tourism offer in the project area through exploring cross-border aquatic biodiversity and to enable better management and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage. The main project result is to increase the number of tourists visiting the project area each year. This result shall be achieved by implementing a set of planned activities: developing the cross-border tourism product, developing, promoting and branding the Exchange Pack, and developing and implementing a training program in standardization of natural heritage. Small-scale infrastructure is developed and improved resulting in tangible deliverables: upgraded Dubrovnik Aquarium (HR), extended Aquarium Boka in Kotor (ME), upgraded camp facilities in Hutovo Blato (BA), and developed walking path along the Neretva River around Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


Lead Partner, The University of Dubrovnik (HR), with its Institute for Marine and Coastal Research, is providing overall coordination (management) and internal quality control. It is responsible for the overall project financial and administrative management. The LP is in charge to organize launching event, develop a Communication Strategy and provide translation services for all project audio guides. It is also responsible for organization of a seminar with webinar titled „Adriatic Sea Biodiversity“ and for reconstruction of Aquarium Dubrovnik.

Project Partner 2, Tourism organization of Kotor (ME), is responsible for developing project Action plan and to manage all project web and social media services. It is in charge of development of E-guide IT platform and its related content. It is also responsible for organization of the seminar with webinar titled „Touristic Presentation in English“, as well as the training for EXCHANGE webmasters.

Project Partner 3, The University of Montenegro – Institute of Marine Biology (ME) is responsible for managing project graphic design and promotion, including production of the promo packs, printing EXCHANGE card template sheets and organization of the closing conference. It is also in charge of reconstruction and extension of Aquarium Boka.

Project Partner 4, The Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (BA), is responsible for organization of the Mostar Fair presentation. Its duty is also to organize seminar with webinar: River Neretva Biodiversity. Furthermore, it is responsible for managing works on the riverbanks and the estuary of the Radobolja River, as well as for development of walking path on the Neretva River in Mostar.

Project Partner 5, Public company “Nature Park Hutovo blato Ltd. Čapljina (BA), is responsible for managing EXCHANGE video services and recording audio services. Furthermore, it is in charge for organizing seminar with webinar titled „Hutovo Blato Biodiversity“. It is also responsible for managing of reconstruction of the Camp Hutovo Blato facilities.


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