Fortress ReInvented

Innovative approach and digital contents in historical fortification monuments



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Fortress ReInvented aims to introduce new, digital content in tourism sites of the cross-border area and further develop the untapped potential of historical fortification monuments. The partners believe that sustainably reviving cultural and historical heritage with joint cultural cooperation will strengthen and diversify the cross-border tourism. Many medieval fortresses can be found throughout the cities of the Programme area, both inland and along the coast, and with their high historical and scientific value they play an important role in future tourism trends. Fortress ReInvented aims to digitalize historical fortification monuments in two Croatian cities, Šibenik’s St.Michael’s Fortress and Klis Fortress in Klis. Revitalization of two other fortresses is planned in Zenica’s Vranduk Fortress in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Herceg Novi’s Kanli Kula Fortress in Montenegro. The aim of the project is to develop cross-border tourism offer with an innovative approach and new digital content in historical sites.   


The lead partner, Šibenik City Museum (CRO), using its experience of cultural assets management and previous revitalization projects of Šibenik’s St. Michael’s and Barone Fortresses, will set up the Fortress Reality Window, info point, audio guides and other digital contents at St. Michael’s Fortress.

Municipality of Klis (CRO) will invest great efforts in establishing new content for the development of tourism in Klis. Implementing the same technology as the lead partner – Fortress Reality Window, audio guides and info point, the partner will connect Klis Fortress with Šibenik’s and Herceg Novi’s ones.

Municipality of Herceg Novi (MNE) will work on implementing the Fortress Reality Window, audio guides and info point on Kanli Kula Fortress in Herceg Novi.

Public Institution City Museum of Zenica (BA) will further work on implementing virtual support for a better presentation of content in the medieval fortress and is the last partner introducing Fortress Reality Window, audio guides and info point in the project. Installing it on Vranduk’s Fortress in Zenica, the four historical sites included in the project will be connected via live stream.


Fortress ReInvented will bring new tourism facilities to Kanli Kula in Herceg Novi, Klis fortress near Split, St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik and Vranduk fortress in Zenica.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the Fortress ReInvented project and are used with the permission of project partners.

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