Preservation, Valorisation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage on the Outskirts of Urban Areas



1.965.441,19 EUR



The main objective of the project is to diversify and promote the tourism offer of the targeted cross-border region through revitalization and sustainable use of neglected cultural heritage. Three cultural assets (1.Rižinice – HR, 2.Old Town Ljubuški-BA and 3.Shas – ME) are being researched, improved and equipped with the supporting facilities and infrastructure for visitors. Project partners are developing and promoting new cultural tourism content – virtual reality (VR) reconstruction of three archeological sites. VR animations are being promoted by local tourist boards, info centers and city museums. The standardization of cultural heritage management is being improved by cross-border exchange of ideas and capacity building of heritage and tourism operators.


Lead Partner, Development Agency of West Herzegovina County – HERAG (BA), is ensuring assignment of adequate operational resources needed for project implementation. With extensive experience in cross-border projects, HERAG is managing the project, which includes reporting, organization of various events, coordination and harmonization of all project activities. It is also implementing small-scale investment and equipping the visitor center on the Roman military camp Gračine.

Project Partner 2, City of Ljubuški (BA), is implementing activities of conversational and restoration works on Old Town Ljubuški, and it is providing support to the Lead Partner HERAG in building the visitor center on Gračine site.

Project Partner 3, City of Solin (HR), is implementing activities closely related to its own territory, such as archaeological researches, conversational and restoration works. It is assisting the Lead Partner and other partners in planning and organizing soft activities, as well as in dissemination of knowledge and visibility of the project and the Programme.

Project Partner 4, County Road Administration Split (HR), is preparing and implementing the activity of small-scale investment on the county road lay on the site of Rižinice, in order to make this site accessible. It will also assist Lead Partner and project partners in implementing communication activities.

Project Partner 5, Municipality of Ulcinj (ME), is implementing small scale investment activities on archaeological site of Svač (Shas) in Ulcinj (archaeological excavations, conservation and restoration, multimedia, signalization, etc.), and modernization of Museum Ulcinj Old Town (multimedia, small-scale investment, restoration works, signalization, renovations). It is also supporting the Lead Partner and other project partners in preparation of other activities, especially those related to education and visibility.


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