Intelligent energy management and renewable energy sources promotion



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The main objective of  project INER is to promote the use of renewable energy sources and energy savings through smart energy management, primarily in public buildings in the cross-border area. The project envisages the development of comprehensive documents in the field of energy management and investments in public buildings through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources in local communities in the targeted cross-border area. The joint activities enable the promotion of innovative technologies and solutions for smart and efficient energy management, increase the capacity of target groups for energy management through knowledge transfer and exchange of experience and ultimately reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption across the cross-border area.


The Lead Partner, City of Ilok (HR) is responsible for practical promotion of the use of renewable energy sources (solar energy) through investment actions in 2 PV power plants. The partner is investing its efforts in overall coordination and management of the project by ensuring effective implementation of all activities.

LIR Evolution Banja Luka (BA) focuses its engagement on necessary technical expertise in order to improve capacities of the targeted local stakeholders in energy management, including energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. The partner is engaged in provision of infrastructure works i.e. energy rehabilitation and installation of biomass heating system in selected public objectes in Derventa.

Municipality of Laktaši (BA) focuses its scope of work on promotion of intelligent energy management  in local community. Municipality of Laktaši implements energy efficient rehabilitation of public kindergarten, resulting in energy consumption reduction of 18193 kWh/a (19% savings from current consumption) with installation of geothermal heat-pump with impact of 47,6kW.

Local Democracy Agency – Nikšić  (ME) ensures better promotion and visibility of the project through different digital and promotional activities. Moreover, LDA supports the set up of promotional solar park with solar tree and benches with capacity of 5kW for charging of IT gadgets, phones and laptops.

EU Centar Association (HR) participates in preparation of local building typologies and EE recommendations, EE scenarios development, analysis of strategic documents, conducting of energy audits, training needs assessment (TNA) and development of Training curricula, Trainings implementation, coaching implementation and analysis of financial sources for EE and RES actions. EU Centar will implement small scale demonstrative investment through installation of PV panels in Municipality of Lovas with total capacity of 35kW.

Project partner 6 Old Royal Capital Cetinje (ME) implements energy efficient rehabilitation of the “Vojni stan” historic building resulting in energy consumption reduction of 51533 kWh/a (11% savings from current consumption). The partner will demonstrate and promote benefits of production of energy from renewable sources, improving energy efficiency in public buildings as well as buildings with cultural heritage and locations with touristic potential.


Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the INER project and are used with the permission of project partners.

Project partners can be contacted via project website.

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