Development of Energy Efficiency Sustainable Network of Cities and Municipalities in Cross -Border Area



935.870,15 EUR



The main objective of the I.N.G.R.I.D. project is to promote the use of renewable energy sources through small investments in public buildings in Krnjak, Podgorica and Velika Kladuša and to educate and raise awareness among the population of local communities across the border area on the topic of sustainable energy development. Through pilot projects for the installation of photovoltaic panels the project will demonstrate how energy savings are achieved and the emissions of hazardous pollutants into the air are reduced. Through a cross-border partnership the platform for joint educational activities will be established in order to increase the capacity of local communities, notably through the creation of an energy efficiency initiative and the establishment and equipping of local offices responsible to deal with energy issues.


The Lead partner (LP), Municipality of Krnjak (HR), is responsible for the project management and administration, organization of educational activites for the staff of info offices for energy efficiency and coordination of project activites in Croatian part of the project territory.

Project partner 2, Municipality of Velika Kladuša (BA) is responsible for the coordination of project activities in Bosnia and Hercegovina and also for setting up the Joint energy efficiency framework for cities and municipalities in cross – border area.

Project partner 3, Capital City of Podgorica (ME) is responsible for the coordination of project activities in Montenegro and for coordination of investment activities in the Montenegrin project area.

Project partner 4, City of Hrvatska Kostajnica (HR) is responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of promotional materials and activites. Also, the project partner is in charge for the development of needed documents related to renewable energy investments in Hrvatska Kostajnica.


Project partners can be contacted via info mails:

The Municipality of Krnjak: opcina@krnjak.hr

The Municipality of Velika Kladuša: sabina.durakovic@velikaklaudsa.gov.ba

The Capital City of Podgorica: drago.djekovic@podgorica.mr

The City of Hrvatska Kostajnica: tajnik@hrvatska-kostajnica.hr

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