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1.320.786 EUR



The main objective of the iNovaNET project is to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the region through creation of favourable business environment, development of the business support infrastructure and improvement of the level of knowledge of the current and future entrepreneurs, students and employees. The goal is to provide quality industrial training for unemployed, students and high school students in order to be ready to respond to labour market demands. The project will deliver a new collaborative scheme between business support institutions, education/school and entrepreneurs/enterprises with a vision on a sustainable mechanism supporting the competitiveness of the programme area.


Lead partner, Zenica Development Agency ZEDA Ltd. (BA) is responsible for overall project coordination including promotion of the project. The project enables institutional development for ZEDA as a business support organization by providing resources for significant infrastructure works i.e. complete renovation and equipping of the new business premises.

Project partner 2, Industrial park Nova Gradiška, Ltd. for development and investment (HR), provides support for several types of business and technology services intended for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, through procurement of specific thematic equipment project enables additional improvement of the training centre at the Industrial Park in Nova Gradiška for training on CNC machines and robotics.

Project partner 3, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Tehnopolis (ME) is in charge of ensuring better operating conditions for SMEs operating in the areas that require use of CNC technologies. Furthermore, project support includes supply, delivery, installation, integration and final customization of specific CNC and mechatronics thematic equipment.

Project partner 4, City of Gradiška (BA) acting as an business support organization provides tailored technical assistance to SMEs and unemployed operating in the area of mechatronics. With resources of the project, relevant thematic equipment for mechatronic, CNC and robotic cabinets in Technical School Gradiška is procured.


Open tender procedure within the project iNnovaNet

The City of Gradiška published an open tender procedure for supplies – „ Procurement of Equipment for Mechatronic, CNC and Robotic cabinets in Technical school Gradiška”. Procurement is financed within

Project iNnovaNet held online kick-off conference

On 27 November 2020, the Lead Partner Zenica Development Agency ZEDA Ltd. in cooperation with other project partners Industrial Park Nova Gradiška Ltd. for development and investment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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