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IRENE project raises the issue of modern ways of producing energy and its effect on the environment, climate change and global warming. The project starts by asking the following question: if we need more and more energy, causing greater impact on the environment, why aren’t we implementing energy efficient and less harmful practices? Partners behind IRENE claim that this happens because local public authorities do not have enough resources to implement such investments nor do they have enough experience concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The main objective of the project is to protect and preserve the environment and encourage sustainable use of natural resources in border regions, focusing on energy efficient innovations. The project will deliver investments in 11 lighting systems and 1 solar system, covering more than a dozen locations throughout Zadar and Mostar, as well as setting up Energy Efficiency teams and a cross-border network.


The lead partner, Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (CRO), will upgrade the project database and develop the cross-border network, implement new lighting systems in Croatia and help in educating and setting up EE teams to analyse, indicate problems and provide solutions for public bodies concerning energy efficiency.

Zadar County (CRO) will manage communication activities, acquire the system for monitoring energy consumption, which monitors present consumption and compares it with past data, and organize an educational trip to Zagreb for EE teams.

Eco Centre DOLPHIN (MNE) will provide support in setting up the cross-border network and the project database. Same as the Croatian partner, Eco center DOLPHIN will acquire the system for monitoring energy consumption.

Municipality of Tivat (MNE) will install new energy efficient lighting systems, solar water heating system and will acquire equipment for Energy Efficiency teams, such as digital multimeters, lux meters and thermal imaging cameras.

Following roles of other partners, Association for economic development (BA) will install new energy efficient lighting systems (in Municipalities Jablanica and Neum), upgrade the cross-border network and organise a theater show for children to raise awareness about energy consumption and ecology.

City of Mostar (BA) is in charge of replacing existing public lighting with energy efficient systems in two main streets in the City of Mostar, acquiring system for monitoring energy consumption and equipment for EE teams.


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