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The main project objective is to improve the quality of public health service in the cross-border area through infrastructure improvements and enhancing knowledge and expertise in the laboratory diagnostic sector. Project aims to set-up and install Pneumatic tube transport system in two hospitals, “Blažo Orlandić” General Hospital Bar in Montenegro and General Hospital Zadar in Croatia, which enables faster delivery and smaller contamination of the laboratory samples, reducing the time required for patient treatment. Laboratory Information System standardizes and improves accuracy and speed of the laboratory tests and increases the time for hospital staff to work with patients. The project results in the improvement of laboratory diagnostic and reduces the pressure on the system of secondary and tertiary health care which leads to reduction of time needed for patient treatment, improves of overall public health and allows access to better health care to larger number of citizens.


The Lead Partner, General Hospital Zadar (HR), apart from management and coordination of the activities of the project, installs pneumatic transport system with 2 tubes. The instalment of the tube transport system enables the samples to be distributed by speeds up to 10m/s. That, combined with a smaller number of contaminated samples, allows a higher quality of diagnostics and the treatment of the patients as it minimizes the amount of time unnecessarily lost. The installation of the PTS allows the transport of laboratory samples on a distance of almost 300 meters in only 30 seconds, while the total time required to take the sample to analysis and get the results takes less than 50 minutes. The medical personnel is educated in using the PTS and participate to 3 workshops: “Ensuring proper blood and urine sampling”, “Preparation for laboratory tests” and “Various factors influencing the lab research and their proper interpretation”. Study visit is organized by LP as an example of good practice in the Laboratory Information System. Another study visit is for all partners and chosen members from hospital staff in international hospitals to learn about benefits of Pneumatic Tube Transport System.

 “Blažo Orlandić” General Hospital Bar (ME) is responsible for installing a pneumatic transport system with 3 tubes, which enables fast and reliable transport of laboratory samples and medicaments through hospital clinical laboratories, operating rooms, emergency services, patient care areas and other locations. In order to improve the capacity of medical staff, employees of the General Hospital Bar and the Health Centre Bar participate in 3 workshops organized in each country workshop “Various factors influencing the lab research and their proper interpretation”. General Hospital Bar purchases equipment for project team and promotional material and brochures.

Institute of Public Health Zadar (HR) is responsible for organization of the Workshop “Ensuring proper blood and urine sampling” and developing of the promotional material and brochures for Croatia. It also carries out clinical microbiology work for the hospitals in the area and participates in monitoring, analysing and preventing health-related infections. Institute of Public Health Zadar is responsible for organization of 3 informative days (1 per each country). The aim is to raise awareness of the general population of proper preparation for the lab tests. A large proportion of lab tests yield false results because of lack of proper preparation of the patients. Informative days shall reduce that and in return lead to lowering the costs of re-doing the tests thus saving both time and money, while allowing the medical personnel to work with correct information providing a higher level of service to the public. Institute of Public Health Zadar is in charge for developing the smartphone app for the general population to inform about proper samples preparation for laboratory application.

Ministry of Labour, Health, Social Welfare and Displaced Persons of Herzeg – Bosnian Canton (BA) is in charge for organizing in all 3 countries Workshop “Preparation for laboratory tests”. The Ministry is also responsible for implementing the Laboratory Information System LIS, which is a program that enables the input, processing and storage of data generated as a result of laboratory tests. LIS includes computer equipment needed for the development of all processes, databases, associated automated analyser programs, and a program that allows communication between the analyser and the LIS. LIS system is installed in the County Hospital in Livno. Furthermore, computers with software applications for Internet connection to LIS system is installed in five Health Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


LAB-OP project final conference

The final conference of the project LAB-OP – Improvement of the laboratory and diagnostic system, co-financed from the INTERREG IPA CBC Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020,

PTT System within LAB-OP project

Within the project Improving Laboratory and Diagnosis Operational System, co-financed through the 2nd Call for Proposals of Interreg IPA CBC Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020, a

Open tender within project LAB-OP

Ministry of Labour, Health, Social Care and Refugees of Herzegbosnian Canton has published local open tender for a supply contract “Procurement of the Laboratory Information System for the Cantonal Hospital

Project partners can be contacted via project website.

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