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The main objective of project MADE is to develop preventive dental health care in southern Croatia, western Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Project partners are implementing innovative demo project with a Demo Mobile Access Dental Clinic. Joint dental medicine training program for dental professionals addressing skills and joint capacity strengthening is organized in order to improve dental care services. Oral Health Database will enable a comparative analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators of the population’s oral health status and enable relevant inputs for delivering required cost-effective measures. Action plan for the development of oral health preventive programmes will ensure sustainability and transferability of results in all participating countries.  


University of Split, School of Medicine – MEFST (HR), Lead partner, is responsible for Development of Joint Knowledge Centre for preventive programs, established to improve the quality of the services in public oral health care sector across the borders as well as effectiveness, availability and accessibility of the services. Joint Knowledge Centre is established for development of necessary preventive programs and to direct the primary health care capacity on early detection and intervention. The development of preventive programs will enable coordination, rational planning, stimulation and management of preventive activities. MEFST is responsible for delivery of Demo Mobile Access Dental Clinic report to be used for the delivery of the Action plan for development of oral health preventive programmes in cross-border area.

The University of Mostar – UNIMO (BA) is responsible for delivering a Joint training programme to be based on 2020 targets for Better Oral Health in Europe. The joint dental medicine training programme is held in each partner country for 75 professionals. Implementation of the Joint dental medicine training programme will reduce damages caused by the absence of child and preventive dental health care in the cross-border area. Furthermore, UNIMO is responsible for the organization of 3 workshops for a total 60 students/dental hygienists who will implement preventive dental care programs at Institutional and Public Practice-based learning spots.

The role of the Public Institution University of Montenegro Podgorica – FoM (ME) is assessment of the current level of oral health based on the Decayed, Missing, and Filled Teeth (DMFT) index in different age groups as well as different risk populations. An analysis of the current state of oral health is the basis for the development of the necessary preventive measures for the improvement of oral health in the Montenegrin area and will be integrated in an Action plan for the development of oral health preventive programmes in cross-border area. Furthermore, FoM is responsible or organization of Joint training programme for caries prevention and seminars with UNIMO and MEFST in Podgorica.

Institute for the Mediterranean economy perspective – IPEMED (HR) is responsible for communication activities. Furthermore, IPEMED is closely cooperating with project partners in organization and maintenance of joint training programs and workshops information and educational gatherings foreseen during the project. This organization will ensure quality communication between all the project partners and with the Managing Authority. By participating in the project activities, IPEMED will strengthen its own knowledge and experience capacities in the implementation of cross – border cooperation projects as well as create new joint cross – border partnerships that will enable joint collaboration on new projects and further exchange of acquired knowledge and experiences.


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