Improving accessibility and availability of health and social services for vulnerable groups

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The partners of the PALL NET project have focused on the most important challenges of Croatia’s and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cross-border area regarding social and healthcare. Inefficient network of healthcare institutions, insufficient focus on quality standards and reduced access to health and social services, especially for people living in rural areas, has motivated the partners to develop an integrated model of care which would improve the social and health care sector. The main objective of PALL NET is to enhance accessibility and quality of health and social services  provided to elderly, infirm and people with disabilities across the borders. This will be done by setting up a Palliative Care System, educating mobile teams to provide care for persons with disabilities and introducing new services in the area through a cross-border network on health and social care services.


Association of people with disabilities Bubamara, Vinkovci (CRO), acting as the lead partner, will work on improving processes at local and national level concerning social services of persons with disabilities, to ensure protection of human rights and combat discrimination. More precisely, the partner will implement social services for persons with disabilities (e.g. mobile teams of support), communication and training activities, in cooperation with other partners.  

Public Health Centre Vinkovci (CRO) is in charge of implementing the Palliative Care System. The Public Health Centre Vinkovci will be responsible for organization of human resources, supervision and monitoring of services, reporting of health  services progress, organization of health workers, developing social services for elderlies in Garešnica and establishing the second Elderly Day Center.

With the aim of expanding project activities to Županja’s area, the Public Health Centre Županja (CRO) will implement Palliative Care System, the same as the Public Health Center Vinkovci, and contribute to the development of better social services in the area.

Canton Hospital Dr. Irfan Ljubijankić (BA) will set up mobile teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s part of the project area. The partner will implement training programmes and acquire equipment to set up the Palliative Care System at Bihać region.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Policies of Una-Sana Canton (BA) will use its institutional expertise in the field of social policies and health care of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim of analysing current deficiencies and developing new solutions with partners.


The PALL NET mobile teams, dedicated to providing care for persons with disabilities, have been helping residents in the cross-border area of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Education of health employees within Pall Net

Within the PALL NET: Improving accessibility and availability of health and social services for vulnerable groups project, and in accordance with the legal regulations and the Strategic Plan for the

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