Pesticide Control and Reduction

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To avoid great yield reductions, use of pesticides has been continuously increasing during recent decades in the Programme’s cross-border area. This superfluous and uncontrolled usage of pesticides causes severe degradation of environment and consequently affects food and human health. Although necessary in industrial production, the use of pesticides should be strictly controlled and reduced to minimum. A lot can be done by setting up forecasting models that predict the likelihood of pest or disease outbreaks, in this way minimizing use of pesticides. To contribute to the stated, the PESCAR partnership will set up a joint pest and disease forecast system to promote targeted use of pesticides in Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva and Western-Herzegovina counties. The project wants to protect and preserve the environment, encourage sustainable use of natural resources and raise institutional capacities on environment protection. Among a number of project outputs, PESCAR will deliver a policy for sustainable prevention of pesticides pollution, a pest and disease warning system and a joint database of producers in agriculture.


The lead partner, Zadar County (CRO), will develop the forecasting system and acquire equipment needed for analysis of pesticide usage, such as visual pest stations with cameras.

Having necessary knowledge and experience in use and functioning of electronic pest control devices, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Herzegovina Neretva Canton (BA) is responsible for ensuring that knowledge needed for functioning of the Pest and Disease Forecast system is adequately transferred to future system providers.

Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (CRO) is responsible for raising awareness on project activities. The partner will organise an agro fair to encourage farmers, agricultural workers and other target groups in reducing the use of pesticides.

University of Zadar (CRO) will provide support on collecting and analysing data on pesticide use. The partner will disseminate the information through research and academic channels.

Institute of Agriculture West Herzegovina County (BA) will assist in organising educational activities and provide its technical expertise in performing field and laboratory analysis on pesticides residues.


Project partners can be contacted via project website:  

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