Heating communities with renewable energy

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According to partners of the RENEW HEAT project, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are forest-rich countries who have traditionally used wood for heating and cooking, despite its harmful effects on the environment. The project raises this question and suggests a new business model – heat contracting – in which biomass of wood and wood products is used in an environment-friendly way. Heat contracting is a market-orientated model for selling heat produced from biomass to users. It is a new opportunity with high added value appropriate for forest owners, farmers and other target groups in rural areas. RENEW HEAT plans to educate more than 400 people, sign contracts to sell heat produced from biomass and install three biomass boilers, with the overall goal of raising awareness on energy efficiency and increasing renewable energy production.


Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (CRO) is the project’s lead partner in charge of providing technical know-how on biomass and innovation, such as installation of biomass boiler and implementation of the innovative heat supply model. The lead partner will organise national workshops, regional conferences and collaborative labs.

Development Agency of Una-Sana Canton Bihać (BA) will organise stakeholder workshops and educational events to raise awareness of biomass usage.

As part of the project’s energy efficient investments, Karlovac County (CRO) will replace the old and inefficient heating system with a new one in a secondary school in the project area.

Municipality of Cazin (BA) is in charge of energy efficient investment on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s territory. New biomass boilers will be installed by the partner in a recreational facility and one cultural centre in the municipality.


Study visit within the Renew Heat project

Study tour within the Renew Heat project Biomass suppliers and entrepreneurs related to biomass sector from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in a 3-day collaborative lab and study tour

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