Response to landslide and flash flood risk with early warning system design



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Project main objective is to improve landslide and flash flood risk prevention system by creation of Early warning system (EWS) that will enable individuals, communities and organizations threatened by a hazard to prepare and act appropriately and in sufficient time to reduce the possibility of harm or loss. EWS also involves the identification of risk scenarios, emergency plans, societal considerations, public awareness, etc. Implementation of RESPONSa will lead to higher level of cooperation between academic/scientific, civil protection organizations, municipalities and other relevant institutions. Project results include: direct implementation of scientific methodologies in practise, obtainment of data of geological hazards from local communities, knowledge transfer between partner institutions, establishment of remote sensing laboratory with new equipment, application and development of new technologies and new job opportunities for young engineers, creation of mobile team with appropriate equipment for geological hazard prospection and consulting in case of emergency.


Croatian geological surveyHGI-CGS (HR) is the Lead Partner in the project. Their focus is on special pilot area on the Sava River catchment, in Sisak-Moslavina and Zagreb County, where climate extremes in early spring of 2018 triggered numerous landslides and flooding. LP is managing and coordinating the project by implementing the following activities: best practices and approach for EWS creation; zones prone to landslides and flash floods will be investigated; data collection and analysis (meteorological, hydrological, hazard events, LiDAR); provider of remote sensing data (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-UAV) for all partners; implementation of EWS in cooperation with involved local communities and DUZS; education of local community about geological hazards and EWS; dissemination of project results.

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering – RGGF (BA) is focused on Tuzla and Brčko area, because they had more than 2000 activated landslides in May 2014 and the risk of landslides and flash floods is still substantial. RGGF is participating in creation and realization of EWS in pilot areas of Tuzla Municipality and Brčko District. In the pilot areas RGGF will be involved in detailed field research and data analysis. Collected data will be used for EWS creation and extension of warning time in emergency situation. EWS will be made through close cooperation and up to day communication, workshops, roundtables with local communities and Civil protection organization in Tuzla and Brčko, which will subsequently have a foundation for EWS application in wider areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. RGGF will establish a center for new systems for risk management and up to date technologies (UAV) available to students and institutions interested in the thematic of the project (local communities) by adaptation and equipping of an old cabinet.  

Geological Survey of Montenegro – GSM (ME) will create Early warning system (EWS) for Budva municipality. Budva is selected as a pilot area because climate extremes trigger numerous landslides and torrential floods each year. GSM uses the best practices and approach for creation of the (EWS), investigates zones prone to landslides and flash floods, conducts data collection and monitoring of landslide in Markovići (Budva), monitors and analys of flash floods which are endangering urban Budva area, implements of EWS in cooperation with involved local communities, informs local community about geological hazards and EWS and disseminates project results.


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