Valorisation of cultural and natural heritage through cross-border cooperation of urban tourist destinations on the Adriatic basin karst rivers

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The richness of cultural and natural assets set across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro is a well-know fact. It is the main reason for bringing in large numbers of tourists, especially to the coastline. A different story is found in areas far-off the sea. Karst rivers of the Adriatic basin are among these areas, exhibiting both natural charm and a perfect setting for specialized tourism but not attracting many visitors. The RiTour project starts with these facts and is developing new ways of making rivers of the Adriatic basin part of the overall tourist offer. Focusing on the Jadro, Buna and Morača rivers, with an emphasis on the historic cities of Salona (today’s Solin), Doclea (today’s Podgorica) and Bona (today’s Blagaj, Mostar), the RiTour project will harmonize relevant strategic documents with basic principles of sustainable development, strengthen capacities of relevant tourism providers and develop new cross-border tourist products. New tourism info points will be set up and several sites on rivers Jadro, Buna and Morača will be revitalized to attract new visitors.


RiTour’s lead partner, Public Institution RERA SD for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County (CRO), will produce a publication dealing with urban destinations on rivers of the Adriatic basin to promote the cities involved in the project. The partner is in charge of branding the historic cities of Solin, Mostar and Podgorica to provide common guidelines to local tourism boards and cities on integrating natural and cultural assets into their strategic documents.

City of Solin (CRO) will contribute to the valorization of cultural heritage sites and preservation of the Special Ichthyological Reserve Jadro. The partner will raise awareness of the Diocletian aquaeduct by archeological probing of the site and presenting the findings.

Public Institution for the Management of Protected Areas in the County of Split and Dalmatia “Sea and Karst” (CRO) will be responsible for carrying out small-scale investments in the Special Ichthyological reserve Jadro as a basis to develop new educational itineraries and interpretative content on the project topic.

Tourist board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (BA) will work on connecting the cultural and historical resources with the region’s natural heritage, more particularly the Stjepan Grad in Blagaj site with the river Buna. Along the river three fisherman stops and walking (fisherman) paths will be built to recognize these natural and historical setting in the wider tourist context.

City of Mostar (BA) will be responsible for valorising Stjepan Grad and developing strategic documents for sustainable development of tourism in Mostar. Throughout the RiTour project, the partner will invest in the Visitor Center Buna and set up a new tourism info point.

Tourist organization of Podgorica (MNE) will revitalize the antic city of Doclea, introduce new touristic content and popularize the significance of this historical site for new visitors.


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